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  • Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, Slovakia,
    The Department of British and American Studies, Faculty of Arts
    SKASE (The Slovak Association for the Study of English)
    look forward to welcoming you to the
    Friday 29 August - Tuesday 2 September, 2014

    Check the Conference website.
    Due to the ESSE Conference in Košice the ESSE website will not be updated from Tuesday 26th August to Sunday 7th September 2014.
    The rules for applying for ESSE Bursaries for 2014 have been issued: see the Bursaries section of this website for more information.

    The shortlist for the ESSE Book Awards for 2014 have been issued: see the Book Awards section of this website for more information.

    The latest issue of
    The European English Messenger (Issue XXIII/1 (Summer 2014) was devoted mostly to Shakespearean studies.

    ESSE Contacts…

    General contact for ESSE: the ESSE Secretary
    Professor Smiljana Komar

    Contact for The Messenger: the Editor
    Prof. Hortensia Pârlog at <hparlog.messenger@gmail.com>

    Contact for the website: the Webmaster
    Dr Jacques Ramel at <jacques.ramel@univ-lyon2.fr>

    Other contacts: see the Executive page and the list of Board members.

    Search the ESSE website thanks to this internal search engine provided by freefind

    The calls for papers for the three issues of volume 20 are now available.

    Proposals for Special Issues:
    The general editors welcome proposals for special issues from prospective guest editors at any time.

    The European Journal of English Studies
    (EJES), is published by ESSE in cooperation with Routledge.

    There has been a slight change in the policy of the Editors of EJES concerning conference proceedings:

    "Although EJES will continue not to publish proceedings as such, the Editors are prepared to consider proposals based on conferences, so long as space is reserved in the issue for contributions from scholars who did not participate in the event."

    Are you launching a new journal or e-journal?
    NEW: The ESSE website will announce this.
    See more information here.

    NEW: ESSE Book grants
    Recognising that it is difficult in some situations to obtain access to books necessary for research without purchasing them, and recognising also that some ESSE members have financial difficulties, ESSE has decided to award some small grants to its members for the purchase of books in connection with specific research projects.
    More information here.

    ESSE is glad to announce that the ESSE Photo Gallery is back on line.
    In it, you can find photographs of the ESSE Conferences and the ESSE Board meetings over the past 10 years (starting with the Oxford Board meeting, 2003): over 1,200 photos are available.
    The ESSE Webmaster would be delighted if he was able to get hold of more photos of any of those events, and even more of photos of the previous events. The ESSE records unfortunately hold no photos of any Board meeting or of any Conference prior to 2003.

    News from ESSE and from national associations…

    The Turkish Association, IDEA, has a new website. You can visit the website at http://www.idea.org.tr

    Miscellaneous news…

    Text and Event in Early Modern Europe: An Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate
    TEEME is an international doctoral programme in early modern studies funded by the European Union. It is structured around a unique collaboration between university-based researchers in the Humanities and the cultural and creative sector in four EU countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic). The partnership fosters intercultural dialogue and disseminates the best research in history, literature and culture to the wider community. On the TEEME website http://www.teemeurope.eu/  you will find the programme´s research profile, its description, details of the consortium universities and associated partners, as well as information on the application process.

    Read recent calls for papers on your Smartphone...
    Display the list of the 15 most recently published ESSE calls for papers on your Smartphone (iPhone et al) and be warned every time a new cfp has been posted on the ESSE website.
    All you need is,
    a/ to download an RSS reader (several of them are available as free applications), and
    b/ to enter the url of the ESSE RSS flux: http://www.essenglish.org/calls.xml

    There is more to ESSE on the net than just this website...
    Find more information about ESSE and the national associations on...
    - the ESSE RSS feed to keep informed of the latest calls for papers (on your website or on your Smatphone):
    - the new ESSE Twitter account (@Essenglish): very short messages alerting you to new job offers, new calls for papers, and news of ESSE 2014 in Košice that have just been published on the ESSE website;
    -  ESSE has a Facebook page, which you can use to tell the ESSE community of your news, of the books that you have publishsed, of the links that you find useful, etc.
     - ESSE is now on Twitter as @Essenglish. Follow @Essenglish for the latest information about conferences, about ESSE, about the national associations.
    - the new ESSE Photo Gallery, with over 1,200 photos of the past ESSE events from 2003 to today:
    For any question, please contact the ESSE webmaster.








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